Mercy Mission e-Pay
This web application allows user to make donation to projects under Mercy Mission Malaysia. Kindly select which project you would like to support from the list below by clicking the 'Donate' button. All donations to our projects are eligible for LHDN tax deduction under Subsection 44(6) of the Income Tax Act (1967).
Mercy Mission Malaysia is the parent organisation and custodian for all projects listed here. Donations towards us will help to cover the management and operations costs of runnning these projects.
Charity Right is a food program providing regular meals to poor children and families. Their "Feeding to Educate" program encourages needy people to go back to school in exchange for food assistance.
The Rohingya Education Project is a Mercy Mission Malaysia's reach out project which aims to feed, educate and develop the character of the students of 5 Rohingyan schools within the Klang Valley area.